Narendra Damodardas Modi defeats the Prime Minister of India

India hosted the US President with a lot of pomp and show. Media coverage was unprecedented and historical. Some of the outcomes of this visit have been hailed as historical achievements. Visit itself has been hailed as a diplomatic milestone for PM Modi, especially when coming in the wake of Modi’s US visa ban post 2001 riots. Visit was full of symbolism with bear hugs, close up smiles, garden strolls, evening teas and Senoritas. But one symbolism that brought Narendra Damodardas Modi his biggest victory yet, didn’t receive as much attention – defeat inflicted upon Prime Minister of India by the hands of Narendra Modi. No, I’m not talking about Manmohan Singh. Narendra Damodardas Modi was successful in defeating the Prime Minister of India in front of US President and that too on home soil. On 25th Jan 2015, Modi met Obama wearing a suit with his name embroidered all over it. Modi has made lot of fans on his journey to becoming PM of India through his immaculate and fashionable dressing sense, therefore, it can easily be said that it was a deliberate attempt to send out a statement. What that might be?

History of mankind is filled with use of symbols to convey the message in two different ways. Firstly, Armed forces around the world use wearable badges, insignia, patches to fill a sense of pride and identity among the soldiers. A soldier feels proud wearing his regimental badge on his beret. Our very own Indian Army soldiers wear combats with ‘Indian Army’ written all over. This helps our soldiers to identify their individual self with the bigger cause that they serve. This reminds them in their every action that every soldier is a representative of a 12 million strong organization called, the Indian Army, that an individual’s action can bring fame or shame to this organization. In a way this is representation of Collective by an individual.

Secondly, there is a parallel approach towards the use of symbolism in human history. Stalin, Saddam Hussain, Kims of N Korea, Mayawati, Hitler too used symbolism to great impact with varied degree of success. All these leaders tried to cultivate a personality cult through their well planned campaigns. They built their own statues, had their portraits hang on walls in every public office, celebrated their anniversaries as mega events and were always absorbed in ideas of self glorification. And they were all autocratic leaders.
Mr Modi seems to be inching towards the latter category. Not that his autocratic ways were any secret, his greed for cultivating a personality cult is coming to the fore now. There are more ‘I’s in his speeches than there are ‘WE’s. This act of yours have brought forth a lingering doubt in many whether you were promoting India or Self in front of the US President. This poses question to your commitment towards promoting interests of 125 Billion Indians. Collective responsibility bestowed upon you by the nation warrants promotion of collective interests by putting Nation before self. Dismissing this act of yours as a slip-up is going to be difficult. Countrymen, whole world for that matter, would have been happier to see “PM India for a nuclear weapons free world” embroidered in your suit than they are now. This will go down in history as a turning point for the political and diplomatic slip up which hit your carefully crafted nationalist image. Narendra Modi in his individual capacity defeated the democratically elected Head of the Government of India, for sure, on that fateful day.

Dress Well Mr Prime Minister!!!
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Political Leaders : A Professional Approach – Part I

School for Political Leadership

My first blog brought a question to me – how can we resolve the issue of unprofessional-ism in our political system? And all I could think was – by introducing a structured political leadership development program in Academic curriculum. This program can well be understood under following heads:-


Admissions should be based on a comprehensive knowledge based entrance test. Purpose of the entrance test should be to test the candidates on their knowledge of Geography, History, Public Administration, Management and Reasoning ability. Entrance test is to be followed by the comprehensive Psychological and Analytical tests and a detailed personal interview. The aim of this lengthy selection process is to ensure that only the bests go out to take a shot at the most challenging job in the world. In democracy, people deserve the bests of the society to represent and lead them towards a more satisfying and meaningful life.


Role a politician plays in the society requires a fine blend of knowledge, of subjects like National History, Public Administration, Geography, National Culture, Finance and Management, and leadership traits. Without knowledge a leader leads his followers into hardships and failures and, thereby, proves to be a destroyer. A leader equipped with the arsenal of knowledge also encounters problems and pain. But he saves his followers through application of knowledge based planning and leadership. Let us take the knowledge part first. What knowledge a politician should be equipped with?

Following is a list of subjects a politician should be well versed of:-

  1. National History
  2. National Culture
  3. Public Administration
  4. Geography
  5. Economics
  6. Finance
  7. Management

Every subject above has a role to play in the making of a good leader. History teaches the pattern of events that take place in a given society. And it also inspires the following generations. On the other side, history teaches us many don’ts as well. National culture is one of the most significant features of the multi-linguistic and multi-ethnic societies like India. And leading such a diversified society becomes easy with the knowledge of each other’s customs and traditions. Knowledge of Public Administration holds greater importance in today’s defunct and corrupt civil services. Policy making is not the end of a political leader’s duties. He needs to ensure that these policies are implemented in the same way as they were envisaged during their making.

Geography, Economics and Finance have been included with an aim to help our policy makers understand the complications of an economy. This knowledge shall help them form a robust but workable economic policy for the state. Finally, all the knowledge has to be combined and put together to get the best answer to any confronting situation and that is where the Management comes to play its part. A good leader has to be a good manager.

…….to be continued in next blog

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Beware…. Youngistan is Watching

Following is an excerpt from a conversation between two friends. This made me think on a new and rising phenomenon of Indian society.  Youngistan is not all about flashy clothes, adopted accent, junk food, late night parties and ‘Move on’ relationships. Youngistan is wide awake on complex issues of government, society and morality. This is a quest for spreading the same spirit in fellow Youngistanis. Please leave your honest comments.

Aishu: hi

Vishal: hey beautiful

Aishu: wishes on your blog

Vishal: thanks hon






Vishal: yaar, I want to do something for my villagers

Aishu: oh sounds wonderful

Vishal: yeah, it’s exciting. Want to form a new political party

Aiswarya: oh?

Vishal: I know that’s too ambitious of a plan but then it’s there in the mind

Aishu: you never know. I feel it’s time for some sort of change

Vishal: I agree. That is the same thing pushing me. I don’t know what I’m getting into and I don’t even have money to get into politics but I want to give it a new dimension.

Aishu: hmm..all the best with that.. I know it’d help

Vishal: thanks..I feel suffocated in today’s political scenario

Aishu: I know what you mean. Although, I know, I don’t have the right to crib because I don’t even have a voter ID yet. But it just seems so defeated – the purpose. All of them politicians are alike. All tax payers’ money going into their pockets and worse – we as citizens don’t want to do anything to change it.

Vishal: that hurts the most

Aishu: but if you have to go to someone for help, who can you go to? who can we look up to in today’s time?

Vishal: that is the most urgent problem to be addressed. We don’t have a leader in india

Aiswarya: leadership!! So important….actually yeah.. Everyone eventually is all about sycophancy

Vishal: true. It’s time to make it right

Aishu: but how?

Vishal: by doing right and undoing the wrong

Aishu: hmm..theoretically, of course.. on paper, that’s the plan yeah, but when you get down to doing it ..

Vishal: you face the reality and lots of problems

Aishu: i hate watching the news nowadays.. cos’ there’s nothing new about it. Everyday there’s a new scam.. more corruption

Vishal: thats right. Running away from it is not the solution

Aishu: yeah..

Vishal: gotta become part of it and make it right..have to have spine and value for words, and a vision to make this country strong

Aishu: i admire you for your efforts..

Vishal: there are no efforts as of now…until i do it on ground

Aishu: at least you’re planning

Vishal: plans are with everyone

Aishu: well not me.. i seem to have closed the doors and pretend

Vishal: no you don’t…look at our are talking…about issues

Aishu: it’s not enough.. is it?

Vishal: you know that you don’t have a moral right to speak about these issues coz you don’t have a voter id…that’s a true and honest acceptance..and it’s rare…. that is what we need….moral uprightness.

Aishu: a lot more of it ..way more

Vishal: no…we need just right things…not ‘lot more’ right things…this can’t be measured

Aishu: true that .. morality..

Vishal: why we never had a Lenin in this country or Mao or Washington or Castro?

Aishu: i don’t think that’s the way to go.. i’m not a big fan of communism ..Washington sure….Castro .. no

Vishal: I’m talking about leaders not  type of system…

Aishu: hmm yeah, leaders.. someone we could respect

Vishal: right

Aishu: none of our leaders could be respected.. not even nehru

Vishal: leader is, whom people follow, respect and look up to as an example of righteousness

Aishu: yeah

Vishal: they’re projecting rahul gandhi to be a future prime minister.. on what grounds?

Aishu: he’s a loser

Aishu: all he has is the name…his name.. that’s what

Vishal: do we have a leader who performs his duties as a professional… we need professionalism….it’s a profession, a service and above all it has to have a mission

Aishu: professionalism.. across the board.. yeah

Vishal: thats what i want to bring into the system

Aishu: hmm

Vishal: you perform, you stay on the don’t , you’re kicked!!

Aishu: that’s the biggest problem….no politician’s ever been kicked out of the system

Vishal: that’s because power holders don’t have the moral strength to do it, they don’t have because they are morally corrupt…

Aishu: if only there was at least one instance in our history where someone actually gets punished for a scam or being corrupt instead of getting away with it…just once..

Vishal: none..anyway..time is not far…we have to make it right

Aishu: i hope it changes, and’s about time.. too many things going wrong.. can’t trust anyone anymore..not “leaders”, not cops, not the judiciary, not even the military

Vishal: women are not safe in national capital

Aishu: the most unsafe!

Vishal: what shame!! why don’t they show some guts and do 3-4 good encounters

Aishu: because no one will let that happen around here everyone’s “connected” ..

Vishal: yeah that’s right

Aishu: you know, i wouldn’t be surprised if the common man rises against the leaders sometime soon’s time for vigilantes now .. the way it’s going

Vishal: it shouldn’t happen…that would be a slap on democracy

Aishu: hey, gotta go now

Vishal: alright, c ya


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Breaks on Corruption Rath

Last night witnessed a discussion, on the outcome of COI and reaction from the defense think tank, on Times Now. Seeing Lt General Bakshi defend the tainted and sacked Gen was a disheartening moment. His argument, ‘if the act of General Rath didn’t hamper interests of the Government or the organization or the country as a whole, then it shouldn’t have been made an issue of this magnitude’, reflects the urgent need for corrective measures in the present system. A corrupt and morally weak leadership cripples the organization and, therefore, any act of corruption and moral decay should be dealt with firm and effective measures.Today, when we are preparing ourselves to be the next Superpower, issues like Sukna, Adarsh, Tehlka, etc. expose the loopholes in our entire defense mechanism. Political machinery knows no nationalism and have no clue about moral uprightness. Leadership in true sense never prevailed in India and I don’t see much hope in today’s young politicians (promoted as to be the future of the country). Its high time to set examples. As they say in the army, ‘Sepoy Bhoop Singh will sincerely follow his commander’. Think of him following corruption way sincerely and there are 1.5 million Bhoop Singhs…..think!!

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